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Plant Dyeing Bamboo Fiber Single Jersey

Plant Dyeing Bamboo Fiber Single Jersey
Code : TZKIFS1068
Series : Underwear Fabric
Spec : 175gsm
Material : Bamboo Fiber
Color : Pink
Brand : SKECO
Price :
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Plant dyed textiles have self -cleaning and antibacterial functions, which can reduce

the number of washings during wearing or use, and are more environmentally friendlyand energy saving. Plant dyed are renewable resources, and their production belongs   to photosynthesis, a process of absorbing carbon dioxide.

The best moments of life should be the moments close to nature. Plant dyed fabrics

not only look gorgeous, but also have amazing unique antibacterial effects. Because

the dyes are directly taken from nature, they are not irritating.

[About color description]: Skeco uses natural plant dyes. It is a dyeing process

combining traditional techniques and modern scientific experiments. Since plant    pigments are soluble in alkali, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent for

cleaning. (Plant dyeing) There is a slight floating color in the first wash, which is a

normal phenomenon, please rest assured to wear.