Shanghai Skeco Textile Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

SKECO Plant dyeing products use pure natural plant dyeing technology. The pigments are extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and skin of plants, and seven basic color systems of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black are formed. We use natural auxiliaries and bulk fiber dyeing methods to dye natural fibers and cellulose fibers with ultrasonic fiber technology. In the mean while, The color chromatography is enriched by color spining. The Plant dye extraction process retains the beneficial components of the plant, and returns the residue to the field. It is low-carbon and environmentally. Skeco Plant Dye has passed LCA certification and OEKO-TEX100 certification.

Shanghai SKECO Textiles Co., Ltd is committed to research, development, production and sales of natural herbal dyed fabrics and textiles, providing customers with professional leading quality services, and it is a   leading company in the Chinese plant dyeing industry. The company relies on superior technical patent advantages, the advantages of herbal dyeing base and the top-level advantages of the talent team. The company's main positioning.

1. Committed to the application of high-safety, high value-added, high-functionality eco-friendly natural dye textile materials;

2. Committed to replacing the traditional chemical dyeing system with serious pollution, contributing to the natianal environmental construction and the enhancement of people's well-being.

The company's plant dyed fabrics include Combed Cotton, Organic Cotton,Modal, Tencel, Bamboo fiber, Hemp. The Color fastness meets industry standards. It has been widely used in various textile industries. There are mainly Baby Clothes, Adult Underwear, Home Textile products and homewear.